Working Apple-1 computer to be auctioned off

There are many iconic and groundbreaking designs and images that are associated with Apple. The 1984 Super Bowl commercial, the look of smartphones and tablets, the colored iMac and the simple fruit logo have all been ingrained in the public consciousness.

While everyone has a different image that comes to mind when they think of the Apple, none of that would be possible without the original product put out by the company – the Apple -1. Created by hand by co-founder Steve Wozniak in 1976, it was friend Steve Jobs who had the idea to sell it. It retailed for $666.66 and only 200 were produced.

Now it is rumored that only 50 survived, with six currently in working condition. According to Computerworld, one of those working Apple-1 computers is going to be auctioned off by German auction house Breker and is expected to fetch between $261,000 and $392,000. However, a working Apple-1 was auctioned last year and reached a record price of $640,000.

"It's been cleaned up and brought into operating condition," Mike Willegal, an engineer with a major technology company who has identified and indexed 41 Apple-1 computers, told the news source. "I have no clue about what will win it, but it seems like the European auctions seem to be gathering the highest bids, so it may well reach its estimated value."

The iconic device is gaining much interest in technology circles and it shows how important Apple is to the tech sector. Many businesses are using the company's devices in order to stay competitive. Any organization can partner with an IT consulting company that is familiar with Mac integration to start using the much talked-about devices and services.