Useful features for Mac OS X High Sierra: Part 2

The release of the official version of OS X High Sierra is just around the corner, but there's already an beta version available to the public. Always be careful when downloading any software beta and back up any data in an external hard drive or USB.

Here are some tips to navigate the software successfully:

Find the cursor

If you've ever had trouble finding the cursor, you'll enjoy this new feature. The most common clever trick is to right-click the mouse so the drop-down menu appears to reveal the cursor, then click again to hide the menu. High Sierra allows for natural movement to find the cursor — all you have to do is to wiggle the mouse. It makes the cursor enlarge massively so you can find it. It stays big for as long as you do so and then returns to normal. This saves time and it's the gesture you're likely to be using already!

Smarter Spotlight Search

High Sierra has been given a lot more data to help you find and access information faster. The search results are more varied and more detailed and the search box is no longer a fixed size — simply drag it to the depth you want.

Search with natural language

Losing track of a recent document that you forgot the title of is a common mishap users suffer. With this version of OS X, you can open Documents and search after ordering the contents by date has failed. You can even type "Documents I worked on last week" in the Spotlight search box and they'll come into view. To make it feel even more natural, you can speak the command by pressing the Function button twice.

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