This new Apple accessory will give your battery a major boost

While many of Apple's plans for upcoming products are leaked long before official announcements, this week we were reminded that releases can come as a complete surprise. In an unexpected announcement on December 8, Apple unveiled an all-new Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6 and 6s, an integrated battery pack that will reportedly extend battery life by up to 25 hours.

One of the biggest complaints with the last two iPhone models to come out of Cupertino has been the battery life. While the iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus come stocked with stronger batteries to power their 5.5-inch displays, the standard 6 and 6s handsets house a power source too weak to run the phones' robust features on a 4.7-inch display still larger than their predecessors.

To address this problem, the Smart Battery Case packs an external battery into its smooth silicone exterior that Apple says will provide 25 extra hours of talk time, Internet browsing over LTE for up to 18 hours or an additional 20 hours of audio and video playback.

To set their design apart from already popular third-party products, Apple is focusing on the "smart" element of their case. Integrating with the iPhone's operating system, the Smart Battery Case conveniently displays its charge level alongside that of the iPhone's built-in battery in the Notification Center. The case also includes a female Lightening Connector port in the bottom, meaning users can simultaneously charge their handsets and cases using their standard iPhone charging cable.

While the above features certainly set Apple's design a step above the competition in terms of functionality, it is surprisingly the device's physical appearance that has critics ranting. Rather than streamline the extra battery in, frankly, a more Apple way, the Cupertino company seems to have simply stuck the battery pack onto the back of the case. Where users have come to expect clean lines and sleek design, the Smart Battery Case instead touts a conspicuous bump as its main aesthetic feature.

Cosmetics aside, the Smart Battery Case offers iPhone owners a significant boost in their battery life, a crucial factor especially for enterprise users. For help designing an iOS management solution or iPad deployment to make your workplace more agile, contact MC Services today.