Is a massive iPhone redesign on the way?

Despite being just about a month and a half removed from two different Apple press events that introduced several new products, including upgrades to the iPhone and iPad, the IT world is already looking ahead to Apple's next potential innovation.

A recent article from Forbes compiled the last from the rumor mill and everything seems to be pointing to a major overhaul in the design of the next version of the popular smartphone. Citing a story from the Wall Street journal—which has also been commented on by several of the popular Mac blogs—the company is planning to release larger versions of the iPhone that will feature a curved screen.

This would be a departure for the company indicating a change from LCD technology to OLED (organic light emitting diode). Back in February, Apple CEO Tim Cook called OLED "awful" but Samsung, the world leader in displays using the technology and chief competition for Apple, has been on top of it and plans to incorporate denser screens in 2014 and 2015.

The OLED screens allow for more pixels, which means a sharper picture. Samsung is even talking about the possibility of a bendable smartphone using the technology as the screen.

This goes hand-in-hand with reports that Apple has already patented curved screen designs and the next version of the iPhone could be the first company product to feature the technology.

For companies that have already handled a Mac integration, this would be a new wrinkle that would need to be figured out. With the help of an IT consulting firm that specializes in Apple technology, any business can be sure to not miss a beat if these devices come to market.