Diving deep into the iPhone 6S's 3D Touch display

Standing out among the list of new features packed into this September's iPhone 6S and 6S Plus release is 3D Touch. Hailed as the most revolutionary evolution in touch control since Multi Touch appeared on the first iPhones in 2007, 3D Touch technology can detect the amount of pressure with which users touch the display, responding differently to light taps than more forceful presses. To let them know it has registered their touches, 3D Touch responds with haptic feedback, pulling users deeper into the immersive experience. Since 3D Touch was first introduced, iPhone owners and developers around the world have explored its potential.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to use 3D Touch:

1. App shortcuts

From the home screen, simply perform a hard press on an app icon to pull up a shortcut menu. From these app-specific menus you can make a call or send a message to one of your favorite contacts, open the front-facing camera or take a slow-mo video without fully opening the app. You can even customize the quick-actions that come up for native apps such as Phone, Messages and FaceTime. While native apps make the best use of shortcut menus for the time being, more and more third-party apps are adding 3D touch menus with time.

2. Activate keyboard cursor

Anytime you are using the system keyboard, in both native and third-party apps, you can take control of the cursor with a hard press. While simple, this is a quicker alternative to tapping and holding the text, which will make it more convenient to (and, therefore, more likely that you will) correct typos. 

3. Bring up the app switcher

Hard pressing the far left part of the screen will expose the edges of any apps you have open. Simply applying a bit more pressure or swiping to the right will bring up the full app switcher from there. 

4. Peek Zoom

With 3D Touch, those who have a hard time reading small text on their mobile devices can do away with the awkward three-finger tap previous iPhones required to zoom in. With Peek Zoom, simply press hard on the screen anywhere for a magnified view, and drag your finger around the screen to move the zoomed area. 

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