FileMaker Essentials

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An introduction to using FileMaker for the non-programmer.

Cost of Course: $500.00

Who Should Attend?

  • New users of FileMaker that want to learn what the program is capable‚Ä®

What Does This Class Cover?

  • FileMaker Pro Database Basics

  • Database overview (tables, records and fields)
  • FileMaker Modes
  • Layouts
  • Status Toolbar
  • Database Navigation
  • Finding Data

  • Find matching records
  • Performing searches
  • Multiple search requests
  • Omitting Records
  • Constrain and extend found sets
  • Using find symbols
  • Sorting records
  • Saved finds
  • Graphics and Document Storage

  • Container fields
  • Insert a graphic/document into a FileMaker field
  • Export a graphic/document from a FileMaker field
  • Importing a folder of image files into FileMaker
  • Multiple & Simultaneous Record Management

  • Find and replace
  • Replace field contents
  • Printing Data

  • Preview mode
  • Print/Page setup
  • Screen vs. print layouts
  • Record Management

  • Creating Records
  • Editing Records
  • Deleting Records
  • Navigating Records
  • Viewing Data

  • Form view
  • Table view
  • List view
  • Sending/Saving as Excel or PDF

Recommended Background Knowledge

  • No previous experience is required

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