Apple starts fix-it program for iPhone 5 sleep/wake button issue

The one unfortunate fact about technology is that hardware can break. It doesn't matter what company provides the computers, mobile devices and servers, it is a machine with moving parts, which means it complications can rise. However, some organizations are better at rectifying faulty hardware than others.

Apple has long been considered one of the best companies on the market when it comes to addressing hardware issues. With the "Genius Bar" at every Apple Retail Store, any individual or business can have its hardware examined in the store quickly and running again.

According to an article from PC Magazine, this week, Apple announced a new fix-it program that is designed to rectify a specific issue for a "small percentage" of iPhone 5 devices where the sleep/wake buttons stop working. Users can either bring it into the store or mail it in for a 4-6 day fix.

The company has created a special website where users can enter the device's serial number. If the device qualifies, it can be dropped off to be fixed. However, as stated above, this could take up to a week, as the repair is not a simple one. Some participating retail locations will offer "loaner" phones for individuals that are not able to be without their phone for an extended period of time.

Fixing Apple hardware can be a complicated process, and no organization wants to be without its devices. By partnering with an IT consulting firm that specializes in Apple support and Mac repair, any businesses can successfully deploy and maintain this hardware.