Apple releases date of next media event

Clear your calendars for September 10.

That is the date that Apple will hold its next media event to unveil new products, according to AllThingsD, the Wall Street Journal's tech blog. It is also the deadline for bloggers to run wild with speculation as to what will be announced and which rumors will finally be put to rest.

The tech company traditionally holds an event in September that surrounds mobile device hardware. In the past, updates to the iPhone, iPod and iPad have been unveiled this time, so speculation is already swirling as to which new features will be included and what, if any, new product lines will be created.

"The launch comes at an important time for Apple, which continues to make a lot of money from the iPhone but has seen its global market share dip amid a growing wave of lower-cost Android devices, as well as an intense battle with archrival Samsung," the article reads.

The rumor mill will be swirling and intensifying over the next few weeks, but there are several that have already been swirling around and will be grabbing headlines between now and then. Those include:

  • Newest iPhone, iPod and iPad lines
  • A low cost iPhone for the midrange market
  • Fingerprint sensor/EMV technology
  • iWatch
  • Apple TV upgrade or new television device
  • Launch date for iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks

Obviously, the list of potential announcements should be taken with a grain of salt at this point, especially since there isn't even an official event invitation out from Apple. This shouldn't stop businesses from partnering with an IT consulting firm that specializes in Apple products to make sure they are able to integrate any Mac device as soon as possible.