Apple donated $100 million in products to ConnectED program

When it come to the education landscape, Apple has had a larger impact than most people realize. Earlier this month, we talked about a potential $4 billion deal that will see 12.6 million iPads be put in the hands of students in Turkey, and in January there was discussion that the tablet was helping to kill the snow day for kids as digital platforms allow teachers to hand out assignments through email and applications.

According to a press release from the White House, Apple will continue to make strides into the school system through President Barack Obama's ConnectedED plan. The company is one of several tech giants that will donate $750 million in iPads, software and wireless services to U.S. schools.

The goal is to bring faster Internet speeds and better devices to all schools by 2017. Currently, only 30 percent of facilities have enough broadband speeds to meet the demands of the student body and faculty.

Apple will be contributing hardware and software.

"In an unprecedented commitment for the company, Apple has pledged $100 million in iPads, MacBooks, and other products along with content and professional development to enrich learning in disadvantaged schools," the press release reads.

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