A recap of rumors before Apple’s press event

For any fan of technology, early September is basically a holiday, as Apple has annually unveiled fun new products and sets the industry buzzing with rumors, speculation and outside-the-box thinking. The company's latest event will be tomorrow and is expected to feature the iPhone and iOS 7. Here is a quick recap of all the latest guesses into what could possible happen when Apple CEO Tim Cook takes the stage


The popular smartphone has long been considered the star of this particular press event. There are two main things that people will be looking for—what features will the latest version have and whether there will there be a brand new phone designed not to wow, but come in at a lower price point.

As far as the possibly named iPhone 5S goes, the typical upgrades of big screen, faster processor, better camera and clearer picture are all possible. There is also speculation that the hardware could include a fingerprint scanner that would add an extra layer of security to the device. Then there are all the rumored colors that could be added to the traditional black-and-white palette.

The cheaper phone, code named iPhone 5C, it would be a step in a different direction for Apple when it comes to its smartphone. For the iPods, the company has versions that reach every price point with varying features, colors and styles to try and offer something to every customer. However, for the iPhone, Apple has always only offered the latest and greatest, but a new cheaper version could spark sales and be very successful.

Other expected announcements

Apple unveiled iOS 7 during the WorldWide Developers Conference earlier this summer and after a few months for developers to play with the beta version, it is time to make it available to the general public. Considering that the new iPhone will most likely come packed with the new operating system, this move seems like a foregone conclusion.

iTunes Radio, the company's version of online music streaming, like Pandora or Spotify, was also unveiled during the 2013 WWDC. Also in beta and an important piece of iOS 7, this service receiving a public availability date is very likely.

Possible announcements

There have been a number of products and updates that Apple enthusiasts have been clamoring for that could see the light of day tomorrow. Traditionally, the September press event is also the refresh point for the iPod product line. There has been little discussion of any updates to this line, but new colors, designs or price points are always a possibly.

An Apple television set has been tossed around for some time online but nothing has materialized yet. While it doesn't seem like this would be the time to unveil the product, only Apple knows. It would not be out of the realm of possibility for the company to upgrade the Apple TV, however, to incorporate iTunes Radio and other features that could come from iOS 7.

The iWatch has been one of the hottest rumors of the last year but no one seems to know when it will see the light of day. As it is a product that would be teamed with other apple mobile devices and iOS 7, unveiling it now would make sense.

Coming later

There are several products that will be debuting, most likely in October or early November, in time for the holiday shopping seasons. An upgrade to the iPad product line is inevitable, but Apple will most likely give it its own spotlight soon.

The entire computer family should also see an upgrade to go along with the new operating system OS X Mavericks and the new iMac which was unveiled during WWDC.

By this time tomorrow, all the rumors will be put to rest as Apple will have unveiled a boatload of new products that will surely find their way into the office soon. An IT consulting firm that specializes in Mac integration can help any organization successfully add these new devices.