2015 FileMaker Development Conference to Draw Crowds from Across Technology Industries

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas will host the 2015 FileMaker development conference from July 20-23. The conference is a forum for those seeking to refine their skills, learn new ones or to advocate their prowess using the FileMaker platform to build custom business solutions across a multitude of devices and operating systems. The software company is offering incentives to developers to attend the conference in order to attract those at the forefront of the innovative solutions offered through the platform.

Discounts are offered to potential attendees that register for the event early. Early registration guarantees a $500 savings off of ticket prices, access to recorded sessions from the 2014 conference as well as a free copy of FileMaker Pro Advanced, which has a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $549. Group discounts are also available in order to entice companies to send attendees to the summer gathering.

The 2015 edition of the development conference will be FileMaker's 20th anniversary of hosting the event. Since the inaugural conference, the software has expanded its customer base across Microsoft and Apple operating systems and mobile operating systems that are linked to the respective technological firms. Sessions for the latest conference are aimed at contemporary issues such as big data, mobile device solutions and trainers from the FileMaker Business Alliance.

For those who cannot attend the conference, a one-day training event will be held to accommodate their busy schedules. The flexibility of the event schedule should maximize the attendance.

MC Services provides FileMaker database development for enterprises that utilize the Apple subsidiary for custom business solutions. Their presence at the upcoming conference speaks to their standing as innovators of this software application. Those seeking to improve their business solutions should contact the experts at MC Services.