Meet the all-in-one CRM.

Make sales easier than ever with SalesTrackR – a powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. Built for busy sales representatives,it’s easy-to-use and will work on any mobile device and your desktop. Entirely customizable, SalesTrackR is the multi-function app you need to increase your sales!

  • Task and activity tracking

  • Advanced reporting

  • On My Way texting

  • Instant in-app image capture

  • Parcel tracking notifications

  • Customizable notifications

  • Unlimited online training

  • Product catalogs

  • Product catalogs

Powerful Features

Mobile Integration

Seamless on-the-go access via smartphone or tablet with voice integration

On My Way

Let clients know you’re on the way and share your ETA with just a tap

Activity Tracking

Keep track of your daily to-do’s and completed assignments on an easy-to-use dashboard

Instant Image Capture

Take in-program images to save, share, or reference instantly

Digital Line Cards

Ditch the binders and efficiently show products, presentations, videos, and more

On-Demand Video

Store and access product videos without leaving the program

Nearby Accounts

Make the most out of your trip by checking in on multiple clients in a given area

Mackay Profiling

Boost client relations with customizable profiles

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