Getting Started With SalesTrackR

On My Way

The On My Way feature of SalesTrackR™ provides an easy way to notify your contact that you are on your way to their location and when you will be there.

It sends a text to them that has an automatically calculated arrival time by just tapping the On My Way button.

Nearby Accounts

The Nearby Accounts feature of Sales TrackR™ lets you maximize your time away from the office. When traveling to a faraway customer, it lets you identify nearby accounts so you can make appointments with them the same day.

Managing Accounts in SalesTrackR™

This video shows how to manage accounts in SalesTrackR™

Line Card

The SalesTrackR™ Line Card provides a convent place to access the Firms Line Card, videos, catalogs, specials, presentations, and even credit apps all in one place

To Dos in SalesTrackR™

To Dos are listed in one convenient place in SalesTrackR™. They are accessible from your desktop, iPad and Phone