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Apple Discontinues macOS Server—Start Your Migration Plans
In a move that should surprise no one, Apple has discontinued macOS Server, which started out as a server-focused version of Mac OS X and eventually morphed into a set of […]...
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How to Disable a Known AirTag’s Alerts
Apple wisely designed the Find My system so your iPhone alerts you if it determines that you’re traveling with an unknown AirTag. But unfortunately, you’re also alerted even if you’re […]...
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Delete or Position iOS Apps from Search
In iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, Apple added a feature that would have been even more welcome before the advent of the App Library: the capability to manage apps from […]...
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Extend Your Battery Life in macOS 12 Monterey with Low Power Mode
We’ve become accustomed to our iPhones and iPads switching into Low Power Mode to preserve battery life, and you can enable it manually if you want to reduce power usage […]...
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Set Custom Text Sizes on a Per-App Basis in iOS 15
In previous versions of iOS, you could change the systemwide text size to make all apps—at least those that support Dynamic Type—display text at larger or smaller sizes. (Most people […]...
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What Is the Cloud?
People talk about “the cloud” all the time these days, but what do they really mean? There’s no agreed-on definition, which can render some conversations nearly inscrutable. We can’t pretend […]...
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How Much Memory Do You Need in an M1-Based Mac?
If you’re thinking about buying a new Mac, you’re almost certainly planning to get one that uses a chip from Apple’s M1 family—the M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max, and M1 […]...
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Hidden Tricks for Navigating the Mac’s App Switcher More Quickly
Although the Mac’s Dock shows all your running apps, it’s often not the most efficient way to switch among them. Instead, turn to the App Switcher. You may know that […]...
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Export Passwords from Safari to Ease the Move to a Password Manager
Although Apple has improved the built-in password management features in macOS and iOS (you can now add notes to password entries!), third-party password managers like 1Password and LastPass are still more capable. For those […]...
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