FileMaker Training



MC Services offers various FileMaker training courses for both FileMaker users and FileMaker developers. Scheduled classes are held at our training center in Pewaukee, but we can bring any course to your facility if you register 3 or more participants. We can also tailor the course material to fit your specific needs.



FileMaker Essentials for users

1-Day Hands-on Training
Introduction to FileMaker course that provides you the core essentials needed for you or your staff to effectively use and maintain a FileMaker system. This course focuses on learning the core aspects of FileMaker Pro, including navigating, working with records, finding data, modes, layouts, printing, importing/exporting, and document management.

FileMaker Training Series - Basics

The FileMaker Training Series (FTS): Basics is a brand new curriculum for new users and beginners. The materials focus on the features and benefits of the FileMaker Platform with special attention to the newest version, FileMaker 14. The activities provide step-by-step instruction on building a sample solution from start to finish.

FileMaker Training Series - Advanced

The FileMaker Training Series – Advanced is the official training curriculum from FileMaker, Inc. It offers a series of 13 training modules that cover a comprehensive set of topics designed to help you master the essentials of FileMaker solution development.
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High Sierra 101+201 Bootcamp

5-Day Class

The High Sierra Bootcamp is a hands-on course that provides an in-depth exploration of functionality and troubleshooting in OS X and the best methods for supporting users of OS X systems.

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Intermediate FileMaker

This class is for those already familiar with FileMaker Pro and seeking to expand their knowledge to develop more sophisticated solutions for their business.

FileMaker Interface and Reporting

Layouts are the primary way of presenting and organizing data in FileMaker Pro. Layouts serve both as user interfaces and as areas for design and development. In this module, you will learn how to work efficiently and effectively with layouts.
FileMaker has very powerful reporting capabilities. You can use these capabilities to create reports that allow users to better understand and analyze their data. An effective report can be anything from a simple list view to a basic subsummary or even a chart or complex HTML report.

FileMaker Scripting and Calculations

One of the most important and powerful tools in FileMaker Pro is the ability to write scripts, which allows you to create routines that can then be triggered in a variety of ways. Scripts can serve a wide variety of purposes, including automating everything from simple navigation tasks to complex reporting and workflow needs.
Learn to use use calculation functions for many tasks, including defining calculation fields, setting up field auto-entry and validation options, creating tooltips, filtering portals, and displaying conditional formatting. Because calculation functions are used throughout FileMaker solutions, mastering calculations is one of the crucial steps to becoming a proficient developer.

Introduction to FileMaker Go and Web Direct

FileMaker Go is a full-featured client for iOS. FileMaker Go allows users to connect to database files hosted with FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Server, or work on files local to the mobile device.
This course shows you how you can use FileMaker Go to quickly and easily create apps for iPhones and iPads. Start by building your solutions on FileMaker Pro and Create a custom solution from the ground up or use one of the many built-in Starter Solutions designed for the iPad and iPhone and modify it to meet your needs.

FileMaker Server

This course is for users that want to learn about deployment of FileMaker Server.