Our passion is to change the way people embrace technology.

We offer a wide range of consulting, integration, and development services, specializing in database development, network integration, and technical support. 1-800-453-8106

About MC Services

MC Services is a professional firm offering a wide range of IT consulting, integration, development services, management consulting, network integration, and technical support. We are certified to the latest industry standards, emphasizing continuous education for ourselves-to best serve our clients.
Founded in 1995, we have offices in Pewaukee, WI, Chicago, IL, and Las Vegas, NV. We work with customers of all dimensions to achieve your IT and business objectives.

Points of Culture

Passion: To Change the Way People Embrace Technology.

Communication: No project is the same so we closely work with our clients to listen and understand their unique needs. We strive to have open and honest communication. Feedback is the key to growth and we use it to improve ourselves and the company.

Family: We work not just for ourselves but also for each other. Each individual has his or her own strengths that complement the rest of the team. Our different backgrounds and expertise come together to form a diverse, strong, and fun company in which we take pride.

Creativity: Technology is about using new ideas to solve problems. We use technology to develop innovative solutions and embrace change in an ever evolving industry. There are often multiple ways to solve a problem. We focus on simplicity and elegance to wow our clients.

Excellence: We strive for excellence in all of our work but are humble with our accomplishments. “Good enough” is not good enough and we always look to improve. There is no shortcut to excellence.

Integrity: Satisfaction is the ultimate goal. Every solution we provide is in the best interest of our clients. We inspire trust not just through our words but our actions.

“We inspire trust not just through our words but our actions.”

“MC Services has changed how we do business. We are more agile, efficient, and successful than we ever have been because of this FileMaker solution.”

Jeff, Great Lakes Roofing

“The training at MC Services was superb. My network’s security and the reliability hasn’t been better. Thanks MC Services for a great learning experience!”

Nathan, UNICOR

“MC Services’ ability to understand our needs and translate them into an effective and user-friendlyFileMaker Pro database have made for a tremendous partnership. We are continually working on many different databases at one time and I respect their ability to keep everything on track with minimal mistakes.”

Jon, Henry Schein

“The design work has been surprisingly efficient. MC Services has exhibited an uncanny ability to understand the acronyms utilized in our niche business and that understanding has helped us to communicate much more efficiently. I haven’t had to invest valuable development time educating them on the nuance of our business…they just got it!”

Will, Halley Consulting Group