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Learn the how of customer relationship management making all future contact information easily available, accurate, and most importantly detail driven.
Many organizations and their team of selling professionals are driven by successes and profits. Consumers today become quickly annoyed by routine cold calls and other mundane sales procedures. Successful Sales Strategies start with organizational skills, prompt responses, and attention to detail. A customer relationship centric database refines and promotes these skills within your organization.
Within this Webinar we will explore one of the top rated solutions to the customer relationship centric database, SalesTrackR. We will go in detail a few of the many features this system offers over it’s competitors. Including:

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The On My Way feature of SalesTrackR™ provides an easy way to notify your contact that you are on your way to their location and when you will be there.
It sends a text to them that has an automatically calculated arrival time by just tapping the On My Way button.