Our Valuable Team Members

Duane Maas
Duane MaasPresident
I started MC Services in 1995 after leaving Apple. My vision for the company is to make sure technology is a pleasure for people to use instead of a frustration.

(262) 522-6960

Joel Hartmann
Joel HartmannSupport Manager
I’ve been with MC Services since 2002 and manage the Consulting, Training, and Hosting departments.

(262) 522-6955

Mary Lynn Brubaker
Mary Lynn BrubakerOffice/Customer Services Manager
I am a natural when it comes to customer care. I act as liaison between departments, staff members and clients.

(262) 522-6950

Dave Nitz
Dave NitzSystems Engineer/Trainer
I am an Apple Certified System Administrator and Apple Certified trainer specializing in iOS and OSX deployment.

(262) 522-6956

Matt Hintz
Matt HintzLead Programmer
I develop custom solutions to help simplify and streamline our client’s business.

(262) 522-6965

Aaron Blend
Aaron BlendSystems Engineer
I provide our clients with solutions that fit their technological needs and aid in the efficiency of the business.

(262) 522-6943

Jasmin Wolf
Jasmin WolfController/HR
I manage all the financial aspects of our company.

(262) 522-6964

Nick Farnan
Nick FarnanSoftware Engineer/Senior Programmer
My responsibilities include developing and customizing FileMaker databases while trying to find new ways to push FileMaker to it’s limits.

(262) 522-6966

Brian Evans
Brian EvansSystems Engineer/Trainer
I strive to truly understand the problems people express by asking the right questions before providing a complete solution.

(262) 522-6938

Erik Steffens
Erik SteffensSoftware Engineer/Programmer
I am a FileMaker developer with a background in web development and database management.

(262) 522-6962

Dillon Wells
Dillon WellsSystems Engineer
I am responsible for the construction, maintenance, and expansion of our clients computer systems.

(262) 522-6967

Scott Parker
Scott ParkerSoftware Engineer/Programmer
I am a web developer with a background in graphic design.

(262) 522-6959

Jim Cerroni
Jim CerroniNational Sales Manager
I am responsible for the promotion of mobile app systems through the use of Filemaker, a database development software.

(262) 522-6973

Dan Mowbray
Dan MowbraySales Rep Manager
As an Account Manager for MC Services, I help clients utilize our talented staff to make their organization(s) more efficient.

(262) 522-6974

Ethan Bütt
Ethan BüttIntern: Development and Sales
I am an Intern at MC Services, working with a different people to complete a variety of tasks and learn from those I work with.
Jesse Taylor
Jesse TaylorExecutive Consultant
I manage the west coast office for MC Services. I have lived in Las Vegas since 1996, working with enterprise technology in hospitality, real estate, media, luxury, travel, and education.