Apple OS X Training and Certification Testing

About Certified Apple Training

Our hands-on Mac OS X classes enable system administrators to develop deploy and support Apple systems in multi-platform environments. Our Gold Level Apple Training Centers help you ready yourself to take the Apple Certified exams.

Apple Certification Exams $250

  • OS X Support Essentials 10.11 Exam (9L0-425)
  • Final Cut Pro X (v10.1) End User Exam (9L0-816)
  • Final Cut Pro X (10.2) Exam (9L0-852)
  • Logic Pro X End User Exam (9L0-843)
  • Logic Pro X 10.1 Exam (9L0-850)

Apple Certification Exams $100

  • Pages Exam (9L0-903)
  • Keynote Exam (9L0-904
  • Numbers Exam (9L0-905)

Mac Basics Exams $65

  • Mac Integration Basics 10.11 Exam (9L0-428)